Case Result: DUI




Katie M. Filler

Practice Area:

Criminal Law

Length of Time:

Four Months


Charges Reduced

Highway traffic stop

The Challenge

Our client was charged with driving under the influence. These cases are particularly challenging because the laws in Utah are so strict that people often face hefty fines and mandatory jail time for a first offense.

Legal Strategy

We worked diligently to get the charge of driving under the influence reduced to impaired driving. As a result, our client did not spend any time in jail and kept their driver’s license.

Case Results

Our client kept their driver’s license and did not do any jail time.

The Best Outcomes


We proved our client did nothing wrong, and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.


We conducted our investigation and proved that our client acted in self-defense and did not commit a crime.

Sex Offense

We worked to quickly gather all of the evidence in the case, including evidence that the police missed. We work with private investigators and expert witnesses to get to the truth and protect our client.

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