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Katie M. Filler

Practice Area:

Criminal Law

Length of Time:

Less than one year


Charges Dismissed & Expunged

Man being arrested

The Challenge

Being charged with a sex crime in Utah is very serious. A person convicted of a sex crime can be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life and could face the possibility of going to prison. A person charged with a sex crime can also be held in jail without bail until their trial, which could take years. Even if the case is dismissed, the arrest can appear on your record which may make it difficult to get a job.

Legal Strategy

We worked to quickly gather all of the evidence in the case, including evidence that the police missed. We work with private investigators and expert witnesses to get to the truth and protect our client.

Case Results

In this case, we were able to interview witnesses that the police did not. After speaking with witnesses, we presented the prosecutor’s office with the whole story, which proved our client was innocent. The prosecutor dismissed the case.

The Best Outcomes

Aggravated Assault

In aggravated assault cases, it is critical for our team of attorneys and private investigators to conduct investigations beyond what law enforcement has done. This includes finding and interviewing additional witnesses and also researching the alleged victim. Often, we’re able to discover other eye-witnesses and even camera footage. We must work quickly, especially if our our client is held in jail. As a result, we can discover the truth and either win at trial or even negotiate a dismissal of the charges.

Domestic Violence Aggravated Assault with a Firearm

We worked tirelessly to prove that the alleged victim had the motivation to lie to the police about our client. Through a detailed investigation, we proved that the alleged victim had committed a criminal offense, not our client.


We proved our client did nothing wrong, and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.

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