Estate Planning

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You’ve Always Worked Hard to Protect Those You Love

Planning your own estate or executing the wishes of a loved one? We can help spare you expensive or painful mistakes.

Properly prepared wills, estates, and trusts can offer a great deal of peace of mind—not just for you, but for your partner, children, business partners, and extended family. Automated plans can’t spot trouble areas, deal with complexity, or tell you if you’re using the right legal tools for your unique situation. Set your estate up for success by leaving the right plan in place to further your wishes and goals.

Why Should I Hire an Estate Attorney?

It’s easy for growing families to overlook estate planning if they believe they’re unlikely to need a will anytime soon. While it’s true that older people often have more investments and property, parents have their children’s futures to consider. If something happened to you, where would your children live? Who would have control of the money you leave behind, and how should those funds be spent? Is there any way to guarantee there’ll be money for college? An experienced probate attorney is there to address each family’s unique concerns.

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After my mother passed away, we assumed the estate would be easily settled. Instead there were lots of unexpected twists and turns. Hiring Cory to guide us through this legal tangle was the best decision we made. She is professional, warm, easy to work with and insightful. Her experience and advice were invaluable to us. I would recommend Cory to anyone.
—Barbara L.
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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

Our initial consultation is a very affordable flat-rate $100 fee. We’ll meet to discuss your needs and goals. Once we identify the right legal tools to secure your assets, make sure your wishes are carried out, and protect the futures of your loved ones, we’ll provide pricing for each step. As your needs evolve, we’ll be here to affordable updates and adjustments to your estate plan.

How Do We Get Started?

Initial consultations are often free, and getting answers to your pressing legal questions is a key step in preserving your peace of mind. Call Us: (435) 830-7577
I am so glad I hired an attorney to help me as the executor. Not only did she help me with the legal requirements and filings, her advice was the perfect buffer to keep sibling relations friendly.
—H. Briggs.