Moving after Divorce

Divorce is a Stressful, Emotional Experience.

Calm and competent legal counsel can help protect your best interests.

If you’re even considering divorce, seeking professional representation is a choice you’ll be glad that you made for years to come. If you have anything to protect, you need someone in your corner that understands every legal possibility and holds your interests as their highest priority.

We’re an experienced and trusted law firm that has represented clients throughout Utah and now specializes right here in Tooele County. We believe a good attorney is one part legal expert and one part watchdog. We’ll look out for your rights every step of the way and help you find the path forward.

Do I Really Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney?

There’s probably no such thing as a simple divorce—even if both parties agree on most points. In most divorces, there are at least two complex issues to sort through. Here are a few examples:

Divorce: Whether you have many assets to separate or just a few, we’re here to skillfully untangle the threads of your mixed assets so you can move on to your next chapter unencumbered.

Child Custody & Visitation: Custody can become a family law issue even without divorce. Parents who were married or never married have unique legal needs surrounding a breakup. We’re here to help.

Property and Asset Division: We offer representation as you divide homes, cars, investments, retirement accounts, and even pets.

Child Support: We’re very knowledgable about Utah’s child support guidelines and can help guide you through how they apply in your case.

Spousal Support: Whether you’re seeking support or have had a support request, we can help represent your interests.

Other complexities: Co-owned businesses, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, and paternity are just a few of the divorce complexities we’ve helped our clients navigate.

Father and daughter at kitchen table

No matter how distant the finish line seems now, an agreement is possible. Whether it happens across a conference room table or a court room, we’ll work tirelessly to negotiate for your goals and rights.

17 Complexities a Divorce Attorney Can Navigate on Your Behalf

  • Real estate
  • Tax Liability
  • Outstanding debts
  • Investments
  • Retirement savings
  • Cash assets
  • Spousal support
  • Child Support
  • Child visitation
  • Child custody
  • Joint contracts or leases
  • Jointly owned businesses
  • Adoption-in-progress
  • Custody of family pets
  • Paternity
  • Health coverage
  • Undocumented income
I used Cory as my divorce lawyer. She made sure I understood everything that was going on, had amazing communication and was absolutely honest with me in understanding what was next. I not only found an attorney for help but I felt like I made a friend! I definitely recommend Cory!
—R. Brown

Why Should I Hire Caldwell Law?

Divorce is no one’s idea of fun, but we can remove a lot of the stress and uncertainty because we’ve been there—on both sides of the table. We understand divorce is a deeply emotional experience and we’re there to make sure emotions aren’t driving the decisions. We know your rights, and we’re experienced in protecting them.

How Do We Get Started?

Initial consultations are often free, and getting answers to your pressing legal questions is a key step in preserving your peace of mind. Call Us: (435) 830-7577
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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Our initial consultation is a very affordable flat-rate $100 fee. We’ll meet to discuss your goals and how we can help protect your rights. If you choose to have us represent you, our services will be offered hourly, so you’re only paying for the time necessary to bring your unique case to its close.